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Affiliate Marketing got its start in 1989, when William J. Tobin, an American businessman who started the business PC Flowers & Gifts, realised the enormous potential of online outreach to make money. He went on to launch Prodigy Affiliate Marketing which became the largest affiliate marketing program of its type in the world. This gave birth to various similar initiatives based on the concept of outreach as a way to expand online marketing efforts. Realizing the opportunity to increase sales, the early electronic businesses began to promote third-party products. This is not the same market concept, in which several products from various brands are brought together in one place.

This process worked as follows: sites and marketing affiliates recommended products in their blog and other content, and through advertisements including affiliate links, for example. When users clicked on the embedded link in a blog, website or other digital medium, they were directed to an online store where they could purchase that product. The owners of the sites responsible for referring the visitor to the online store earned commission on each resulting sale.

The American multinational Amazon launched its ‘Amazon Associates’ Affiliate Program in July 1996 with the aim of promoting its products globally. It was hugely successful and led to similar affiliate marketing programs gaining ground in many countries around the world.

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Affiliate Programs UK

We Bring Advertisers and Publishers Together to Drive Growth

As a leading affiliate network, we offer and host some of the best affiliate marketing programs in the UK, serving brands from local favourites to international powerhouses. We also help our clients leverage a robust assortment of partner network tools to enhance performance, reduce costs and earn more revenue.

Empowering UK Advertisers and Publishers of All Sizes

Within our affiliate marketing platform, we bring UK affiliates and brands together, providing each with the resources and support needed to drive key performance indicators for advertisers, and earn affiliates high commissions on products sold, or performance benchmarks hit. A low payout threshold, great customer service, and award-winning support, offers, analytics and tracking are just a few key tenants of what makes our affiliate network stand above the sea of competitors.

Covering a broad range of verticals, our UK affiliate programs are supported and backed by decades of combined experience, and a proven track record of helping advertisers grow and prosper, all while lining the pockets of talented marketers eager to earn more affiliate commission from their online campaigns.

  • Designed Solutions

    If you have special requirements, we can structure our affiliate campaigns to suit you best

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  • Greater Conversions

    We only work with trusted brands which means better conversion rates for our affiliates

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  • Higher Earnings

    We negotiate our campaigns so our affiliates get the best possible payout

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    Your dedicated account manager will be on hand to meet all of your needs and requirements

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Affiliate Marketing Program

What is an affiliate marketing program and how does it work?

In a simplified way, an affiliate program allows other people to promote, market and sell your products in return for earning affiliate income (commissions) for each sale generated as a result of their marketing.

These types of programs offer an excellent opportunity for anyone who produces content or writes a blog, and also for those who have established readers or an audience, to become a marketing affiliate and make money online.

The advertiser (brand, product or service owner) is responsible for defining the value of the affiliate commission that a publisher will receive for each sale they make, in addition to other details, such as the way to assign the commissions, available marketing tools, and other strategies they think will be appropriate for their business.

An affiliate program involves two roles:

The producer

The producer

This is the person who creates digital products such as a blog, website, video classes, digital books or podcasts, for their audience. The product formats are diverse and can exploit the most varied segments such as culture, health, marketing, and culinary, among others.

Good producers think about creating content and also about how to sell those products. For this reason, they promote their digital products or services through the platform and recruit marketing affiliates to help increase their overall sales.

The affiliate marketer

The affiliate marketer promotes the producer’s digital products or services in exchange for affiliate commission on each sale made. The affiliate’s main objective is to promote the links offered by affiliate programs online, and through their own website, blogs and other online platforms, for example, to achieve sales.

Affiliates are known for constantly studying the market so that they can find ways to improve their performance by selling more online. Common methods and mediums of promoting other companies include but are not limited to display advertising, pay per click (PPC) ads, search engine optimization (SEO) of their websites, and social media marketing.

What Are Affiliate Links?

An affiliate link is a unique URL provided by a brand, advertiser or website. This link is given to an affiliate platform, or directly to an affiliate marketer for use when promoting its company, brand, product or service.

Each link is coded with unique information attributing any resulting traffic or sales from that link to the specific affiliate or blogger promoting it.

When clicked, an affiliate link drops what is called a ‘cookie’ into the clicker’s web browser. If that clicker visits the advertiser’s website and makes a purchase within a given timeframe (known as cookie duration), the cookie signals to the network and/or advertiser that a sale was generated by that marketer, thus earning them a commissions.

How to find the best affiliates for your business?

Recruiting excellent affiliates is essential to ensure that the producer’s business achieves great results, but to do this, producres need to follow some good practices that are explained below:

Product quality

A high-quality product is more likely to have more sales and a low rejection rate. Also, a successful marketing affiliate will not risk their reputation on poor quality products. On the best networks, a product quality evaluation is carried out for each product offered, based on a series of criteria established internally to ensure a quality offering. Having high-quality products is an excellent strategy to attract more marketing professionals to promote your products since a product with good content, complete information, and appeal to the consumer can be quite attractive for those affiliates marketing actively in related sectors. The more relevant and detailed the information about each product is, the better its evaluation will be, and the easier it will be for affiliate programs to encourage popular online marketers to promote them.

Some of the criteria for calculating product quality are:

  • Is the name of the product appropriate to its content and advertisement?
  • Is the registered name really the name of the product?
  • Is the product category the most appropriate? Is the subject consistent with the content of the product?
  • Is the product format correct? (e.g., if it is a PDF file, is it registered as a digital book?)
  • Is the product description clear and does it contain relevant information for both the buyer and the affiliate?
  • Are the product photos of good quality? Is there any kind of offensive or inappropriate image?
  • Is the quality of the product content good? Will it meet the expectations of buyers?

Another suggestion is to constantly update your affiliate marketing program. Market surveys or even consumer feedback are a great starting point to rethink the structure of your affiliate program offers and make them more attractive.

Offer a differentiated commission rate and exclusivity

Consider an alliance with good affiliates that involves an attractive commission rate for them, which may be different from the standard commission rate of your affiliate program.

Also, create exclusive discount coupons for these affiliate program offers, to promote your product to people with preferential discounts, which will be able to attract more customers who buy through a promotional coupon and guarantee the of the commission to the best affiliate marketers in your program.

Offer good content for distribution

Take advantage of the tools available to provide articles, blog links, sales pitches and announcements ready for your affiliate marketing professionals to promote your product or service.

Offer content that generates value and helps boost the conversion rates of affiliate campaigns. You can design this supplementary marketing material depending on the means of dissemination, landing pages and dynamic alternative pages, social media, etc.

Build a good sales page

Imagine: your affiliate marketing team does an incredible job of publicising your products, they bring several potential customers to your sales page, but your sales page is not optimised, resulting in few conversions from visitors. It would be very frustrating, right? Nobody will make money despite a great effort!

Build your sales page with a focus on conversions, so your affiliate marketing team will feel more confident knowing that the chances of making more sales and earning affiliate revenue is greater. You must make sure that your landing page or sales page is optimised with care and attention to maximise opportunities to convert visitors into paying customers.

Customise your checkout page

By creating a personalised checkout, you can minimise possible customer purchase objections by placing testimonials, videos and guarantees, maintaining the identity of your product until the payment is confirmed.

The aim is to guarantee the success of the affiliate marketing team’s work with a well-designed sales page that streamlines the purchase process and is primed to clarify any doubts that consumers may have so you can increase the conversion rate.

Participate in affiliate marketing events

Participating in affiliate marketing events is always one of the best ways to network and meet affiliate marketing professionals personally. Take the opportunity to identify potential affiliates, mainly those who are already active in your niche.

Participate in forums and digital entrepreneurship groups

In addition to the suggestion above, doing a search for online entrepreneurship forums and groups is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with affiliates, especially those experienced with affiliate programs. Another great advantage is the chance to collect valuable ideas that can be applied to your business.

With the recruitment of the best affiliate marketing professionals in your niche, you invite the best partners to help in the dissemination of your digital products.

What Are the Advantages of joining an affiliate program?

  • You will not run the risk of big financial losses
  • You do not need your own product
  • You are your own boss
  • Ample opportunities to make promote different products
  • You do not have to deal with consumers
  • You do not need an affiliate website or coding skills
  • You choose how much you want to earn
  • You have total control
  • You will have a payment guarantee
  • You can continually grow your business

Are there different types of Affiliates?

Affiliates, also known as ‘Publishers’ on an affiliate platform, are as varied as the offers they promote. Some publishers are experts at promoting affiliate websites, while others may be an influencer adept at growing an engaged and eager audience.

Below are a few of the most common types of affiliates who are successful on our affiliate platform.

The Authority: an expert on a specific topic who uses their established authority to promote products that they consider might be useful to people who follow them. Popular bloggers who enjoy high traffic on their blogs and have built their subscriber list are often ideal authority affiliates. But there are no obstacles for someone who starts from scratch to become an expert in a particular market.

The Influencer: The presenter uses their persona and reputation to promote products they recommend as an affiliate. Usually, they have a strong social media following and many fans who follow them on a daily basis which can guarantee they generate plenty of online traffic for affiliate programs. Top influencers can easily pull in one million website visitors.

The Analyst: An individual who constantly studies advanced marketing strategies and applies these when appropriate in their business with advertisements, blog posts,on social media platforms and via other tactics to grow their website visitors and expand their digital business. The analyst affiliate is very analytical and constantly measures results to improve conversions.

The Reseller: an expert at making sales through word-of-mouth promotions, and although not being able to scale this type of business much, they know exactly what products they should promote to the people in their immediate social group. Many now hyper-successful affiliate marketers started off this way.

What skills does an Affiliate need to have?

From bloggers, to influencers and creators, those interested in promoting other company’s products should have a certain qualities in order to increase the chances of being successful.

These include:

  • Be disciplined
  • Desire to learn
  • Be a good communicator
  • Persistence
  • Becoming a successful affiliate

What Are the Highest Paying UK Affiliate Programs?

Although we might be biased, our affiliate marketing platform offers some of the best opportunities to earn affiliate income, with multiple payout options and offers from advertisers reaching upwards of 11%+ on sales.

What is the Best Affiliate Program to Join?

Commission rates are only one aspect of choosing the right affiliate programme to join. Niche selection, the opportunity for future growth, cross-sales, and more all play a role in what makes the best program for YOU. Similarly, your skillset, knowledge of the target audience, experience with affiliate marketing websites, and more are all relevant deciding factors when choosing the best affiliate program to join. Have questions? Need Help? Our customer service team can point you in the right direction. Whether you call into the category of ‘content creators’, affiliate website marketer, or anything in-between, chances are we can help you make more affiliate income with our affiliate programme.

What Companies Can I Become An Affiliate For?

Our affiliate marketing programs span a broad selection of leading brands and companies serving audiences of all demographics. Popular affiliate marketing programs on our platform include those for fashion, health and wellness, office supplies, home and garden, hobbies, IT and electronics, handmade personalized gifts, baby products, pets, books, and more Other popular websites and products and services we have offers for include those in the gambling, Forex, Casino and Bingo niches.

Current commission rates on products

  • Fashion 11%
  • Handmade 10%
  • Health and personal care 7%
  • Baby products 7%
  • Books 7%
  • Pets 7%
  • Office and stationery 7%
  • Home 7%
  • Hobbies 6%
  • IT and electronics 3.5%

Getting Started On Our Platform

How do I Start Affiliate Marketing UK?

  • Account information

  • List your web pages or apps

  • Create your affiliate profile

  • Finish

  • Payment information

  • Your affiliate account