Bingo Affiliate Programs

If you are looking for a bingo affiliate program, there are a number of big brands offering online bingo affiliate programs that provide transparent statistics and useful tools for your affiliate marketing campaign.

The growth of online bingo in the UK means that the number of bingo sites that British bingo players can choose from is enormous. This is also good news for new bingo affiliates because they can choose from hundreds of bingo affiliate programs on any of the bingo software platforms.

Some of the world’s largest online bingo affiliate programs boast more than 1,000 member brands. An excellent affiliate program offers its partners the chance to earn more for the work they put in. Many offer a product base that represents the biggest bingo companies in the UK and Europe, such as William Hill Bingo, all of which welcome affiliates.

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The Best Bingo Affiliate Network

As one of the fastest growing gaming markets in the UK and around the world, bingo affiliate programs offer a unique opportunity for affiliates to earn big from referrals by sending traffic from their websites to these lucrative programs

Partner with a top bingo affiliate network and reach your true earning potential, promoting high paying offers to the UK bingo community.

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    If you have special requirements, we can structure our affiliate campaigns to suit you best

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  • Greater Conversions

    We only work with trusted brands which means better conversion rates for our affiliates

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  • Higher Earnings

    We negotiate our campaigns so our affiliates get the best possible payout

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    Your dedicated account manager will be on hand to meet all of your needs and requirements

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How does a bingo affiliate program work?

With bingo affiliate programs, you can earn large commissions and revenue share (rev share) with some of the most well-established names in the United Kingdom bingo industry, such as Wiliam Hill. Big bingo brands like William Hill are among the most popular online bingo providers in the United Kingdom. With a fresh and bold approach to bingo and online gaming, brands like William Hill offer the perfect opportunity for affiliates to earn substantial income from promoting online bingo programs through various bingo sites.

Let’s start with the nuts and bolts of a good bingo affiliate program and how you will be rewarded in various ways.

As a bingo affiliate, you will use your website to promote a particular bingo operator or bingo site, such as William Hill Bingo, and promote its products or services to potential players.

Bingo brands that include other online gaming options as well such as online poker and backgammon, among others, are possibly the best affiliate programs to look for. A wider choice of games to promote to potential players gives affiliates more opportunity to earn income.

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What Are Online Bingo Affiliates

A bingo affiliate may be an individual marketer, influencer, blogger, webmaster, or an entity (such as a business) who wishes to participate in promoting a bingo vendor or bingo sites online or through other marketing mediums.

Bingo affiliates often use pay per click advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), display advertising and other methods to promote bingo offers and send targeted web traffic to the vendor’s bingo website in exchange for a commission when/if that traffic converts to a sign-up or active players.

How do Bingo Affiliates Earn Money?

Bingo Affiliate Programs are a performance marketing opportunity whereby those who promote bingo programs through various modes of advertising earn commission rates on referred new players to that bingo website.

Affiliates can earn through commissions paid for each new player that registers on a site or makes a deposit. There are also revenue share options through which affiliates earn a percentage of all the games played by players. The amount affiliates earn is based on the programs you choose for your marketing campaign. Essentially, you can expect the same amount of revenue as you would expect from a traditional casino affiliate program, but some bingo affiliate programs offer a slightly higher commission.

A bingo affiliate can earn thousands of pounds each month if they perform well in a large volume of keywords searches. Many bingo affiliates earn a commission of 10% of the total revenue they bring in for their chosen brands. Even higher ‘super affiliate revenues’ are available to bingo affiliate marketers who earn over a certain threshold per month with their brands.

Common Payment Options for Gambling Affiliates Include:

CPA – known as ‘cost per action’, a bingo affiliate program using this payment structure offers a bingo affiliate a commission for each qualified ‘action’ taken by visitors they send to the bingo website. This action can be a new user registration, first deposit, or any other defined ‘action’ in the terms of the program.

Revenue Share – rev share programs are among the most highly regarded in the gambling industry, earning savvy marketers lifelong commission on traffic that converts to paying users. Although the split of commission rates may vary, with this option, casino brands pay the marketer a percentage of net revenue earned from each referred player.

bingo affiliate programs
bingo affiliates

What Are The Highest Paying Bingo Affiliate Programs?

We work with some of the highest paying bingo affiliate programs, connecting you with the best bingo sites in the industry, and providing you with the marketing tools you need to be successful.

Among the highest paying bingo affiliate programs include those that offer a great user experience, resulting in increased retention rates and as a result, higher commission rates.

An example of a high paying bingo affiliate program is that from William Tell, a leading bingo brand and casino affiliate program, offering generous cookie duration and high revenue share on their platform.

How to Become a Bingo Affiliate

If you become a bingo affiliate marketer, you will find that the best bingo operators are big brands mainly from the UK – and only operate in the UK.

Online bingo games are popular in the UK gaming industry, so if you develop good marketing strategies and a well-made affiliate site it is possible to become a super affiliate in the UK bingo market. Although some bingo affiliate programs operate in a variety of geographical areas such as the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia – the UK is the largest and most competitive bingo market and offers the best affiliate programs.

The top bingo affiliate programs on offer have been tested with some of the industry’s leading bingo site perators and over many years. The best bingo affiliate programs also offer their affiliates the opportunity to take advantage of their high-profile to attract new players, useful marketing and promotional tools, and even a dedicated account manager to ensure affiliates can fully develop their online marketing strategies and efforts and optimise their potential earnings.

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