Casino Affiliate Programs

Raising the Bar with the Best Casino Affiliate Programs of 2021

Every time a new casino site is launched, whether it is an online casino, an online poker site, or even a mobile gaming site, the operators turn to their affiliate programs to attract new players and generate interest in what they offer.

Whether you are a casino owner, casino operator, or business owner in the gambling industry, it is important to understand what casino affiliate programs are, how they work, and how an affiliate program can benefit your business and contribute to your success.

Working with the right affiliate

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Casino Affiliate Network

The Best UK casino affiliate programs Are Just an Application Away

At Skyline Media Services we work with the best UK casino affiliate programs in the world, connecting you with industry-leading casinos that are eager to help affiliates earn more while growing their own brands.

For casino operators, owners and managers, our affiliate program provides a robust and performance-driven platform through which they can work with the best affiliate in the industry, driving down marketing costs, increasing their userbase, and earning more profit.

  • Designed Solutions

    If you have special requirements, we can structure our affiliate campaigns to suit you best

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  • Greater Conversions

    We only work with trusted brands which means better conversion rates for our affiliates

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  • Higher Earnings

    We negotiate our campaigns so our affiliates get the best possible payout

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    Your dedicated account manager will be on hand to meet all of your needs and requirements

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What are casino affiliate programs?

Online casinos and other gambling providers use many kinds of marketing strategies to promote their brand. Essentially, casino affiliate programs are a way for casino operators to split the effort they have to put into finding new customers. The affiliates that join casino affiliate programs are often part of a casino operator’s overall marketing plan for their online casino or gambling business.

In other words, casino affiliate networks bridge the gap between marketers and publishers seeking to promote gambling offers, and casino operators looking to grow their user base through new marketing channels.

As a member of a casino affiliate program, affiliates for online casinos earn a commission rate every time they send a customer or visitor to an online casino website through their unique affiliate link or banner on their website, and the visitor either registers or signs up or makes a deposit. More specifically, affiliates of casino affiliate programs can also earn through revenue share, and profit margins for most major casino brands that offer affiliate programs. Revenue share opportunities are a big attraction for any casino affiliate program, offering affiliate marketing experts the opportunity to earn affiliate commissions based on the actual revenue they help the online casino make.

Nowadays, many online casino brands that offer people a way to make money are referred to as affiliate marketing programs. Affiliates that partner with a casino or gambling website can start making money on the Internet through the various marketing tools provided by online casino affiliate programs.

Casino Affiliate Program Commission Rate

In the gambling industry, there’s a saying that ‘The House Always Wins”, but so does their affiliate team. As an affiliate partner, you can earn high payouts and lifetime commissions on gambling activities including table games, casino games, sports betting, slots and more!

In fact, despite the competition, the most attractive aspect of promoting these offers is the high commission rate associated with the industry.

Casino players are an interesting demographic, prone to repeat purchases, addictive behaviours and spending big. From small-time punters to high rollers, the lifetime value of each player you bring to a casino is big, and the commission rate associated with that player equally large.

Becoming an affiliate

Now that you know what a casino affiliate program is, you need to know the steps you should take to become a member of an online casino affiliate program. Potential affiliates must first choose an affiliate program and register with the casino provider (merchant or casino brand) who will subsequently pay a commission and revenue share of the income generated by players referred to them by affiliates.

If you have decided to become a member of a casino affiliate program in the gambling industry, your role as an affiliate is to assist gambling sites in reaching and registering new players. Affiliates direct traffic to the casino operator, who hopes to convert interested players into paying members of their site. The online casino industry is extremely competitive and with the major software vendors that offer the games, online casinos can compete through using affiliates in their casino affiliate program as a way to increase traffic for their promotions. It is common to find extremely enticing promotions and deals which include, for example, no deposit spins, no negative carryover, and a variety of welcome bonuses, all designed to attract new affiliates and players.

Many marketing affiliates are attracted to casino marketing programs because they appear lucrative. And they are! Casino affiliates can earn excellent income each month if they put in the work. Here are just some reasons why casino affiliates earn good money.

Reasons online casino affiliates make good money

A high commission rate, rock-solid payment models, revenue share programs, long cookie duration, and more all translate into more revenue potential for marketing efforts made to promote the best casino affiliate programs online.

Shortlist of the Benefits of Promoting Casino Offers and Casino Sites:

  1. Time – great return on time spent promoting
  2. No heavy investment – leverage the power of social media and other channels
  3. Earn money fast – quick payouts and a high commission rate
  4. Global opportunities – promote worldwide
  5. Options – from payment methods to games you want to promote
  6. Long cookie duration – get paid up to weeks or months after showing a prospect an ad
  7. Massive market – the gambling market is worth BILLIONS and growing
  8. Support team – strong player and affiliate support
  9. Resources – from high converting landing pages to insight on campaigns
affiliate programs

Finding the Right Casino Affiliate Programs for You

The right casino affiliate network can be the difference between a long and prosperous new business relationship, and one that is a struggle from the start.

The right casino offers will be from businesses that are well-established with a solid track record of treating their affiliates right. They will have a good selection of offers to choose from, a dedicated and helpful affiliate manager, long cookie durations, and a competitive commission rate.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do casino affiliates earn?

As an affiliate of a casino affiliate program, you will be rewarded based on how much traffic you send to a specific casino site, as well as how many visitors convert, register, and make deposits as players based on the specific promotions you have made. You can earn income through commissions on deposits, no negative carryover revenue share options, and by referring new affiliates also.

To really benefit as an affiliate, you need your own target audience, traffic, landing pages and website. In order to be really successful in any casino affiliate program, you need to provide a lot of value to your audience. One benefit of being associated with the best casino affiliate program deals is that it is possible to not only make money every month as an affiliate, but also that your website can gain in value so that one day you can sell it as an asset.

How Are Casino Affiliates Paid?

Casino affiliate program payments are generally structured in one of four ways:

1. CPA – ‘cost per action’, meaning you get paid for every qualified action taken by a visitor you referred to the casino website. These actions may include making a deposit or playing a particular game.

2. CPL – ‘cost per lead’, meaning you get paid for every new lead (usually a signup or opt-in) that you generate as a result of your marketing efforts.

3. Revenue Share (rev share) – earning you a percentage of any loses a referred player suffers

4. Mixed Models – a mixed model, as the name suggests, is a payment option that blends any number of the aforementioned revenue models above. One of the most popular mixed payment models is combining CPA with revenue sharing.

What is a Gambling Affiliate?

A gambling affiliate, much like a casino affiliate, is a marketer who uses their skills in marketing to send targeted and interested web traffic to a gambling operator (casino, poker room, sportsbook, bingo site, etc.). If that traffic converts, the gambling affiliate earns a commission.

What is the Most Popular Online Casino?

This question is a bit subjective, but here is a shortlist of just a few of the larger online casinos: Bet365, Intertops, Bovada, BetOnline, VipSlots, Ignition Casino, 888 Casino, Ladbrokes, Betfair Casino, 777, and more.

Are Affiliate Programs Regulated?

The rules and regulations applicable to a casino affiliate program are twofold. On one hand, you have the standard rules and regulations surrounding ethical marketing practices and privacy laws, and on the other, you have rules specific to gambling. For example, most jurisdictions do not allow you to promote a casino affiliate program to minors. In other jurisdictions, certain disclaimers regarding your affiliate relationship and/or earning or winning claims may need to be prominently placed on your website.