Gambling Affiliate Programs

Earn Big with Affiliate Programs for Online Gambling!

Promote online gambling including sports betting, casinos, poker and more.

The Best Gambling Affiliate Networks connect affiliates (also known as publishers) with gambling affiliate programs that provide them with the opportunity to promote gambling offers in exchange for a commission.

Noted for high payouts and lifetime customer value, the gambling industry is a lucrative one for savvy digital marketers looking to earn big with the top gambling affiliate networks in the UK and around the world.

Partner with an award-winning affiliate network and earn more commission with the perfect affiliate offer. Our affiliate managers will make sure you have everything you need to be successful and get the most out of the offers you promote.

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Gambling Affiliate Network

The Benefits of Promoting UK Gambling Affiliate Programs

  • High payouts and commissions
  • Big earning potential
  • Residual income from revshare programs
  • High converting traffic
  • Decreased regulations means more opportunity

How to make money with gambling affiliate marketing?

In this article, we talk about affiliate platforms through which you can earn income by promoting sports wagering, online casino affiliate programs and online gambling pages.

Many gambling affiliate programs hosted by our CPA network put at your disposal a complete set of marketing and other tools through which you can promote the different campaigns they offer, and track your affiliate commissions in real or near real-time.

Depending on the campaign that you promote, you can earn revenue in several ways, be it from new sign-ups, opt-ins, lead generation, new player deposits, active betters, gamblers and more. These programs often offer multiple payout structures, rewarding high-performing affiliates with additional revenue and bonuses.

  • Designed Solutions

    If you have special requirements, we can structure our affiliate campaigns to suit you best

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  • Greater Conversions

    We only work with trusted brands which means better conversion rates for our affiliates

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  • Higher Earnings

    We negotiate our campaigns so our affiliates get the best possible payout

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  • Account Manager

    Your dedicated account manager will be on hand to meet all of your needs and requirements

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Gambling Affiliate

Ways to earn money with gambling affiliation programs

According to the UK Gambling Commission, gambling in the UK is a £14.2bn a year industry. Are you ready for a slice of the online casino and sportsbook pie?

The different ways to earn money with gambling, sports betting and gaming affiliate programs include: CPA (cost per action): In this mode, you will earn money when one of the people who have registered through your recommendation makes a deposit to play in any of the games of chance or betting options provided by the site or platform you are affiliated with. Revenue Share: You will earn money from the losses of your referral. That is, if you have recommended a game page to someone, they sign up and when they play they lose $ 20, you will earn an amount based on that loss. Normally, this is calculated as a percentage, which rises according to various loss threshold levels.

CPL (cost per lead): The platforms that pay with this modality will pay you when someone registers on a certain page. You get paid for each new lead you bring in for the provider.There are more methods by which you can earn money with a gaming affiliate program, and these will depend on the platform you affiliate with and the specific campaigns you choose to promote. An advantage of some of the best and biggest gambling affiliate programs is that you do not have to go around requesting all the various affiliate program campaigns promoted by all the different companies. Various campaigns are centralised and you can simply select the ones you think would be profitable for you and give you good materials to promote them. Once you have created your affiliate program account, you are automatically accepted for all the offers, so you can start promoting them immediately. Some examples of the affiliate program campaigns that you can promote and what you might earn with them are the following grouped by categories:

Revenue Share: Also known as revshare, this type of payment structure is a ‘lifetime value’ model. As an affiliate marketer promoting these offers, you will earn commissions on those new sign-ups you refer to the casino, poker room, or sportsbook. Every time a player’s activity results in a profit, you will earn a share of that revenue. Revshare typically ranges between 5-25%. For example, if a player generates $10,000 in profit and you have a 10% revshare, you would earn $1000.

Some examples of the affiliate program campaign that you can promote with affiliate marketing, and what you might earn with them include the following

Sports Betting Affiliate Programs

Sports betting affiliate programs

Become an affiliate for a sportsbook and capitalize on high rollers and punters alike, leveraging traffic sources from websites, SEO, social media and ad campaigns to earn big.

From major sports events to pre-season games, sportsbooks enable gamblers to participate all year round, meaning you’ll always have a sport to promote.

Ways To Earn by Promoting Sportsbooks on our CPA Network:

CPL: Every time someone signs up for a sportsbook as a result of your marketing activities as an affiliate marketer for the program, you will earn a fixed commission.

CPA: Earnings for the first deposit of a referral of yours. In addition, there are promotions such as a welcome bonus on the first deposit.

Rev share (Revenue Share): If for example, the losses are between £0 and £10,000, with the revenue share option you will earn a percentage of the loss (e.g. 10-20%). If the losses are between £10,000 and £30,000, the revenue share option typically pays a larger percentage (e.g. 25%). The bigger the losses, the bigger your payout with revenue share!

There are also welcome bonuses of a fixed amount, for example, £50 when making a deposit. Of which a percentage will be paid to you as the affiliate.

Casino Affiliate Programs

Promote Casino Affiliate Programs and Casinos Through Affiliate Sites

Are you interested in becoming a casino affiliate? Casino affiliates rank among some of the highest-paid marketers in the world. With residual and revenue share programs the norm, there is great reward to be had by those with the resources and acumen to drive targeted web traffic through affiliate links.

Poker Site Affiliate Program

Promote Poker Pages Though Affiliate Sites

Is becoming a poker affiliate marketer in the cards for you? Poker has had a resurrection online as more jurisdictions have moved towards legalization and reduced regulation. Capitalize on this trend in the gambling industry and get in before the competition heats up.

Gambling Affiliate Program Payouts

The payment is typically based on CPA and you will earn a fixed amount each time a referral of yours makes a deposit, subject to minimum limits. If you manage to attract traffic from people who love poker, as you can see, you can get a good amount. Normally, you will also have a range of campaigns to promote poker pages and special promotional campaigns in different languages. Also, you can promote other topics such as:

Casinos: there are many different casino sites to choose from.

Lotteries: select from national or international lotteries.

Bingo: a wide selection of bingo operators offering various promotions.

Forex: yes, some affiliate programs also offer you the opportunity to promote Forex trading pages.

Binary Options: similar to Forex, you choose from different Binary Options pages to promote.

Are you ready for some competition

Apart from making money through promoting these types of websites, you will also have other options that have to do with directly promoting these pages to attract other gambling affiliates. Just like you earn by getting referrals who participate in the different casino, sports betting and gaming websites, you will also earn money by acquiring other gambling affiliates who in turn will also promote the betting affiliate programs, sports betting and gaming websites to get referrals.

Most affiliate programs pay you a percentage based on your accumulated referrals month by month. To help you in the search for other gambling or sports betting affiliates, some platforms offer you a complete set of tools ranging from affiliate marketing tools such as banners, custom indication registration page in HTML format, tracking links and description of the various campaign, as well as materials related to recruiting new members to the affiliate program, etc.

Another tool that is useful to attract new people to the affiliate program is that when the sports betting or casino affiliate site offers you a unique code to add a contact form from which other people interested in joining the affiliate program could directly enrol in the program. You can embed the code in any web publications or affiliate marketing promotions you organise. You could create a dedicated landing page for new recruits to the affiliate program and dedicate yourself to promoting it just to attract new affiliates for a chosen website.


Frequently Asked Questions

In which countries can I do affiliate marketing and promotions?

To participate in promoting these gambling affiliate programs, you have to look at the countries or regions in which the different campaigns or brands are directed or targeted. Some affiliate network options are country-specific and not global campaigns. Others might not offer all the well-known gambling brands. So make sure you check out all the details of each affiliate network you consider before deciding that it is a good fit for your marketing campaign.

The extensive choice of gaming and betting affiliate programs available ensures that you will find something suitable which can earn you money by promoting it to the target audience of your blog or website.

If you have a website that deals with gambling, gaming or related topics, then gambling or sportsbook affiliate programs or even bingo affiliate programs can be a good marketing platform to consider.

How Much Do Gambling Affiliates Make?

The amount gambling affiliates make ranges from zero, up to more than £100,000 a month. The gambling market is certainly a tough one, but those who can find unique promotional angles, profitable campaigns or cost-effective traffic sources are able to earn more than affiliates in almost any other niche.

How to Online Casino Affiliates Work?

Casino affiliate programs connect a gambling affiliate with an affiliate marketing program made up of gambling offers. Affiliate marketers then promote these offers through affiliate websites, social media, ad networks, and SEO. Casinos gain new customers while tapping into a broader audience, paying only for ‘conversions’, making it a cost-effective user acquisition channel. On the other side, affiliate marketers earn significant income from commissions on converting web traffic.

What Gambling Brands Can I Become an Affiliate For?

Most gambling sites offer an affiliate program. These programs may be managed ‘in house’ or by a CPA network. At Skyline Media Services, we work with the best UK brands to bring you vetted, reliable high-paying brands to promote.

How do Casino Affiliates Make Money?

By promoting gambling sites using unique links, new players who sign up as a result of those marketing efforts result in earned commission for marketers. Traffic that clicks on these links, and that later completes a ‘payable’ action, will earn that marketer commissions.

How do I Become a Casino Affiliate?

Marketing within this industry might be a challenge, but the barrier to entry is low. Typically, you’ll need to have (at minimum) a website where you can promote various brands through links, banners, and other media. Those with experience in the industry, or who can effectively tap into an interested audience to drive relevant traffic through affiliate links will have the most success.

Why Become a Gambling Affiliate?

The gambling industry is an ‘evergreen’ niche with consistent and growing demand. As more jurisdictions begin to legalize local sites and online casinos, new, exciting and lucrative opportunities are popping up around the world.

In the UK alone the industry generates over £14.2 billion annually and in the USA that number skyrockets to over $53.7 billion.

Despite the difficulty of obtaining a strong foothold in this industry, those who are able to carve out even a small piece of the market stand to be generously compensated. In fact, one of the most attractive aspects of becoming a gambling affiliate is the payment structure with revshare options being commonplace, resulting in residual income for years to come.

Is It Safe to Be Affiliated with Online Casinos?

The online gambling industry is a highly regulated one. As is the marketing and other business services that support it. That said, working with reputable casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms (where legal) is entirely safe so long as you adhere to any laws that apply to you and your audience.